Senior Moving

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Understandably, moving presents a different set of challenges for seniors. These stressors can stem from a variety of sources; many seniors have accumulated more belongings to move over the years, or perhaps physical or mental difficulties add unique circumstances that complicate the moving process. For senior citizens and their loved ones alike, completing a move can feel especially daunting and overwhelming, even more so than it would be during your average move. The professionals at Spradlin Relocation are well aware of the obstacles associated with senior moving, and we know how important it is to handle these issues with care and consideration.

We know that, although we’re moving your belongings, moving people is the most important part of any move. For senior citizens, this is even more important, as we often need to deal with a more complex set of circumstances. Regardless of any challenges, we commit ourselves to offering the best service possible to ensure our customers complete their moves with comfort and ease. At Spradlin, we commit ourselves to providing customers with services that reduce stress as much as possible. Moving is typically considered hectic, but we do our utmost to complete a stress-free move for our senior customers.

Silver Certified with Bekins

Through our partnership as Interstate Agents for Bekins Van Lines, we are Silver Certified – meaning we have completed special training for moving older adults. The Silver Certified Program is endorsed by the National Association of Senior Move Managers, adding extra trust and reliability to our services. We have covered all of our bases to make sure we know the best ways to help senior adults during their moves, no matter what difficulties they are facing.

One common problem during senior moving involves the large amount of fragile or antique items these older adults have accumulated over the years. These belongings often require specialty packing that these senior citizens may not have the means or knowledge to properly complete. Luckily, our experts have training in this area and can effectively pack these fragile items with ease and the highest level of care. We aim to ensure that seniors experience the smoothest, most comfortable move possible, and that means we commit ourselves to providing them with the peace of mind associated with keeping their most precious belongings safe and secure.

Packing and Unpacking Services

One of the most difficult parts of any move is the time and energy required to completely pack and unpack your home. Packing your items requires disassembly, sorting, labeling, and heavy lifting. Unpacking then requires reassembling everything you took apart, unloading even your heaviest items, and large amounts of sorting and moving things where they belong. Especially for senior adults, this process is a challenge that can be physically taxing and mentally draining. Instead of handling this task yourself, allow the experts at Spradlin Relocation to handle it for you. We can pack even the most fragile items with care and expertise thanks to our Silver Certified training. No matter what you need, we can handle the tasks expertly.