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FAQ About a Moving Checklist in Orlando, FL, and Much More

We get lots of questions from customers about the entire moving process at Spradlin Relocation. This FAQ section will look at inquiries about the value of having a moving checklist in Orlando, FL, and similar topics. Contact us today to learn more about planning and executing a residential, commercial, or industrial move.

Q: What are the best tools for planning a move?

A: We suggest that a checklist is one of the most critical tools for planning your household move. It lets you categorize all the tasks to accomplish and in which order. You can easily mark each one off as you do it to track your progress. 

Q: Can I just use cardboard cartons I get from various stores for moving?

A: It’s not in your best interests to trust your valuable property to cartons that were not made for moving. You are much better off using shipping and wardrobe boxes that are robust and easy to handle during the move.

Q: What should I do with the items I can’t take with me at this time?

A: If you have belongings that you can’t move right away because your new home is unavailable or there is simply insufficient space, then you need to look for an affordable storage option. It’s best to work with a moving company that also offers storage units, so you only have to depend on one business. 

If you have further questions about storage units, we’re happy to answer them at Spradlin Relocation.